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Hungarian red marble

Hungarian red marble "Monarch" is rich in history, quarried for more than a thousand years and the choice of Royalty and Nobility since Roman times.

Dekor-Stein owns the Tardos red quarries in Hungary, which cover some 60 hectares. Our company is export-orientated and offers both a flexible and personal service.

This deep red, versatile marble is extremely compact suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Some of the many possibilities are shown in our picture gallery under and can clearly be seen, the many surface finishes that we can offer, from a beautifully deep rich polish to our exclusive hand-made antique fhinishes.

Our product range includes both standard and special sizes in floors. We can also offer water-cut special designs.

Our sculpture department can offer columns, balustrades, massive stairs, fountains etc., made after a drawing, according to the customers' wishes.

Do not hesitate to ask for an offer or perhaps some samples.